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Pupil Transportation & Assignment System

The Pupil Transportation and Assignment System (PTAS), developed by ADS, is a customized mapping, scheduling, routing and reporting system. This unique and multifaceted program allows users to visually manage all of their student transportation information including, bus stops, walker/rider and attendance boundaries, hazards and more. See key features of the PTAS software.

PTAS has been designed for multiple users for use on local area networks.

PTAS also includes the capability for maximizing the district aided mileage reimbursement from the State. This alone can more than pay for the cost of the entire system!

We guarantee your satisfaction with not only our software but also our service and legendary support. We know that personal assistance is the most proven way for your transportation personnel to learn the system and start getting its own information to work for the district... this means a cost savings to your district!

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