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Demographic and Enrollment Projection System

Demographic Analysis - The changing characteristics in the population within a school district and its impact on projected enrollments. The location of the changing population and upper bound of the projected enrollments are calculated to answer questions like:

Can grade reorganization help or are additional facilities required? Can existing facilities be closed?

DEPS can evaluate alternate grade configurations and school closings, with the simulated enrollment projected for 5 years to ensure 'sustainability'.

This will allow your district to more efficiently utilize existing facilities, level classroom loads, plan for staffing needs and determine if additional facilities or grade re-organization are needed.

DEPS provides...

  • Five and ten year enrollments projected by building; by district by grade; and by school by grade
  • History of Enrollment by building; by district by grade; and by school by grade
  • Facilities - room usage and calculation of operational capacity
  • Utilization Analysis - capacity versus projected enrollment
  • Projected sections required
  • Analyses of special education projects
  • Analysis of the grade by grade in/out migration, ...and more

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